ask me anything

can we talk?

can we be quiet for a minute?

okay, I give you one minute!

you are mean.

am I?

who are you?

don’t you know?

I try not to want to know too hard …

you’re pretty good at questions in disguise of three dots.

I know.

so what did you want to know?

who you are …

that’s not a question, is it?


we know.


so what do you REALLY want to know?

is this a fairytale-like thing like „you have three wishes“?

if it was … do you really want to waste your question on technical details?

you’re right.

I know.

I know.

so …? you’re afraid?

that’s not a question either, is it?


can you help?

help what?

help me to not be afraid?



what did you expect?

I don’t know.

yes, you do.

how do you know?

you know that. you’re just negotiationg because you ARE afraid.

I didn’t know you can speak two sentences in a row.

see! negotiation …

I know …

I hear you.

do you?


and you aren’t annoyed by me needing reassurance?

that was two questions …

are you kidding?

three 😉


thanks for what?

thanks for being here.

you didn’t even ask a real question …

maybe tomorrow?

any time! I’m here.

see! thanks.

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